Hand thrown pieces & selfmade glazes


Handmade ceramics

Hi, I am Kristine, a largely self-taught potter living and working from my studio on Falster. 

Every pieces and glazes are developed and handmade by me. Developing glazes takes a lot of disciplin, precision work and a good knowledge of basic chemistry. A process that is very opposite to the expression I am aiming to achive. The glazes I loves the most, are the ones that looks vibrant and a bit like if they have beeen made by nature itself.

My focus is mainly on tableware made from the throwing wheel. Irregularities and random imperfections are welcomed in my works and a reminder that ceramics are made from organic materials as well as the touch of the makers hand. I often hardly trim my pots after the throwing process.  I like it, when you are able to see and feel my fingers work and some of my glazes even highlight that touch.