What happens with your personal information (privacy policy)
When you shop through this website the following information is needed: name – address – phone number- email address.

We register your personal information for the purpose of delivering goods to you only. Personal information registered are kept for five years, after which the data will be deleted.
We do not store customer data encrypted.

You will of course also provide your accountnumber on check out. This number is encrypted and only nets can read it. It will remain registered with me – encrypted – , to give me the possibility to issue refunds directly to you.
Information provided to make a purchase in this webshop, is never transmitted or sold in any way to third parties. As registered you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have the right to inspect the information recorded about you. You have these rights by the Privacy Act and queries on this topic should be sent to shop@kristinevedeladeltoft.dk