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Lunch plate, Kongsnæs

300 kr.

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Stoneware plate made using slab building technic, which gives it a very organic and alomst japanese sense to it.

This plate is glazed with the Kongsnæs glaze, which is a cooperation together with Rue Birch. RueBirch is a small exclusive boutique in Nykøbing Falster, where part of my ceramics are sold as well. The classic indigo blue is off course inspired by the ocean surrounding Falster and it is named after an area on the northern coast of Falster.
The glaze has a hint of green over the edges. Its changing matte and glossy and it has a lot of colour variation. The back side of the plate is unglazed.

Irregularities and random imperfections are welcomed and are a reminder that ceramic is made from organic materials and the touch from the makers hand.

Dishwasher safe.

Dia 20-21 cm