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Noodle bowl, Ulslev

400 kr.

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Handthrown and trimmed with a narrow foot. This bowl is a little larger than the cereal bowl but not too large been perfect for noodles, risotto and other dishes where you only need one hand to eat and the other hand holding the bowl.

Glazed with the Ulslev glaze. The glaze is created and inspired by a quiet beach called Ulslev beach, placed on the east coast of Falster. It is very different from the well known Marielyst Beach. Ulslev beach is a bit more rocky and rough. But beautiful and peaceful. That is the expression I have aimed for in this glaze.

Irregularities and random imperfections are welcomed and are a reminder that ceramic is made from organic materials and the touch from the makers hand.

Dishwasher safe.

Height 6-7 cm

Dia approx. 14 cm