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Pasta plate, Korselitze – to be ordered

550 kr.

In Stock


This plate is handthrown and glazed with the Korselitze glaze which is in varied shades of green. It is named after a beautiful forest belonging to the Corselitze Manor on the east coast of Falster. The glaze changes from matte to glossy and from light to dark and highlights the shape of the plate. The Corselitze forest is varied in colours and vegetation. It has many very old trees – which attracts bat. In some places the forest is dark and hardly any lights come through in other places the vegetation lets the sunlight in creating all kinds of green. The forest is right next to the beach and every year after autumn storms a few trees end their lives in the sea.

Use this plate for pasta or soup or as a bowl for salads.

Irregularities and random imperfections are welcomed and are a reminder that ceramic is made from organic materials and the touch from the makers hand.

Dishwasher safe.

Height 6 cm, dia 21-22 cm