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Large jug, Bavnehøj

800 kr.

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Jug with handle in handthrown stoneware. The Bavnehøj glaze is silky matte and with the colours of sand and soil it almost look raw and unglazed.

The glaze is named after the highest spot on Falster (which is also a burial mound from Bronze Age). The area around here is rich on gravel and it is still extracted from here for use in the construction industry. The part that is not in use anymore is now a peaceful recreative area with shelters and many small lakes. The contrast between the peaceful areas and the rough gravel pit with piles of stones and gravel everywhere, rusty mashines has inspired me in the development of this glaze. Rough and soft at the same time.

Dishwasher safe.

Contains 1- 1,2 ltr.

Height 20-22 cm