Projects & Works

Developing glazes

Developing glazes takes time, patience and testing over and over again. Chemistry, molecular formulas and firing curves may sound a bit nerdy and not very vibrant, but it is enchanting how crushed rocks, sand and metal oxides can melt together and create the most stunning shades, crystals and effects.

With a basic knowlegde of the materials suitable an needed for glazes – and the chemistry behind – it is possible to control many things when formulating a glaze recipe, including how to make sure the glazes are food safe. Few materials are just no-go for food ( e.g. cadmium and lead), others are harmless and for some materials it depends on the formula and the firing process. It is a matter of course for me to keep up to date on the latest reseach and knowledge about food safe glazes.

Ceramic water reservoirs for NordicGrow

NordicGrow is a Copenhagen based company who has developed a hydroponic growing system, made for anyone who wants to grow herbs at home. It is made from Scandinavian materials and handmade in Denmark. I am proud to be a part of this product by making the ceramic water reservoirs.

Teaching ceramics

Besides working in my studio, I also teach throwing techniques and general ceramic knowlegde at ceramic courses. It causes me to intensify focus in my own design process back home in the studio and also helps me keep on refining my techniques.