Crushed mountains and metal oxides can meld together to form the most exquisite glazes, imbued with nuanced color interplays, micro crystals, and captivating effects.

The art of glaze development is an intricate and time-consuming journey. For me, it’s an intrinsic part of crafting my unique expression, a guarantee of exclusivity not found anywhere else. I invest significant time in the development of glazes where the eye can continuously discover new details in the color variations, textures, or the way light reflects on the surface. It’s a delicate and challenging balance for me, not to do too much or too little. My glazes are meant to be both seen and felt, aim to evoke emotions and set a mood, like a gentle but captivating presence.

I harness the chemical alchemy of the firing process to infuse my glazes with metallic oxides, as I believe it breathes life into each creation.


My inspiration is undoubtedly drawn from the nature that surrounds me, and many of my glazes are named after places on Falster where I have visited or frequently explore.

For example, my Ulslev glaze, named after Ulslev Strand on Falster’s east coast, embodies the cool, subdued tones of the beach, while the Hesnæs glaze incorporates clay found on Hesnæs Strand, establishing a concrete connection to the place. Sometimes, it’s an unintentional resemblance that emerges in my glazes after they are created, reminding me of a specific place. You can learn more about them below.

Unique glazes developed by Kristine Vedel Adeltoft


Inspired by the nature of Falster

Living and working on Falster, Denmark. Near me is nature’s wonders – forests, seas, vast landscapes, beaches, and fields. It’s here that I draw my wellspring of inspiration for crafting my glazes. As a tribute to this unique source of creativity, I’ve named my glazes after various locations on Falster.

Kristine Vedel Adeltoft Ceramics