Kristine Vedel Adeltoft Ceramics

Welcome to my world of ceramics. I specialize in creating functional ceramics, from elegant tableware to everyday essentials. You can find my crafted pieces in my studio, in my online store and at selected retailers, locally and in Copenhagen.

Notably, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with renowned establishments like Restaurant noma in Copenhagen and Restaurant Ö in Nysted, delivering custom plates and bowls to enhance dining experiences.

You’re warmly invited to visit my studio in Nørre Alslev on Falster.

Kristine Vedel Adeltoft at her showroom

Photo: Robin Skjoldborg

Today, my studio is the place where I dedicate myself to crafting hand-thrown stoneware and developing glazes. Sensuality is of utmost importance to me, and I hope that this sensuality and energy can be felt in my ceramics thereafter. Sensuality, to me, particularly lies in the tactile experience, but I also invest significant time in the development of glazes where the eye can continuously discover new details in the color variations, textures, or the way light reflects on the surface. It’s a delicate and challenging balance for me, not to do too much or too little. My glazes aim to evoke emotions and set a mood, like a gentle but captivating presence.

My inspiration is undoubtedly drawn from the nature that surrounds me on Lolland-Falster, and many of my glazes are named after places on Falster where I have visited or frequently explore. For example, my Ulslev glaze, named after Ulslev Strand on Falster’s east coast, embodies the cool, subdued tones of the beach, while the Hesnæs glaze incorporates clay found on Hesnæs Strand, establishing a concrete connection to the place. Sometimes, it’s an unintentional resemblance that emerges in my glazes after they are created, reminding me of a specific place.

My journey into pottery began in my early years under the guidance of ceramist Carsten Dinesen. Despite initially pursuing a career as a fashion designer, my heart was always drawn to the art of working with clay. After several years filled with diverse creative projects, it was the tranquility of an old farmhouse on Falster that led me back to my true passion.

Under the mentorship of ceramist Bjarne Hansen, I learned the art of wheel throwing, and I was highly influenced by his unpretentious approach to the craft and its materials.

My creative journey also led me to assist Ceramic Designer Lauge Brimgiest, delving even deeper into the understanding of glazes, their origins, and the chemistry behind.

Kristine Vedel Adeltoft er medlem af:

Danske Kunsthåndværkere (DKoD)

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You are warmly invited to visit my studio in Nørre Alslev on Falster.

Falster Clay

I am a part of Falster Clay which offers workshops in ceramics and development of glazes.

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